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August Special info

This August, Garage Guys is excited to present to you our new special.

For the month of August, if you purchase our Garage Makeover deal valued at the very low price of R5499.00, you will receive extras to the value of R690.*

What the Garage Makeover deal consists of for the month of August :

3.6 Meters of Shelving.
2x 1.2m Rails.
10x hooks.
The shelving unit of 3.6m wide consists of 3 sections with 5 levels and 1 section with 6 levels.

This special also includes one of the following extras:
Option 1.
HOME OFFICE DEAL which consists of 3 Lever Arch Storage Boxes each box has 5 tiers.

Option 2.
STORAGE BOX deal which consists of 6×8.5LT clear storage boxes & 3 x40LT clear storage boxes.

Option 3.
BEST OF BOTH which consists of 2xLever Arch Storage Box 5 Tiers & 4×8.5LT clear storage boxes + 2x40LT CLEAR storage boxes.

*Please note the HOME OFFICE DEAL & the BEST OF BOTH deal which includes the Lever Arch boxes, excludes the Lever arch files.

**We would like to include a new EXTRA with our Garage Make-over special. Purchase a garage make-over Special @ R5499.99 in August and you will receive an Exec Plus carwash Service valued at R750.00!

The Exec Plus car wash service includes:
3 Stage Wash & Dry, Vacuum, Tyre/mags polish & shine, Leather seat treatment, Dashboard, Roof wash, Carpet clean, Engine wash, Scuff mark Removal, Wax & Polish

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