How to Organize your Garage

1. Unpack everything

The best way to start the process of organizing your garage is with a blank canvas. Unpack everything you have into an open space, freeing up your shelves and workspaces for re-ordering. This also gives you an opportunity to get rid of anything you no longer need. Chances are if you don’t recognize it, you have no reason to hang onto it. If you’ve had it for long enough to forget that it’s there, you most likely don’t need it anymore. Many people have a hard time letting go of these things – especially more expensive ones like power tools. The fact is, it doesn’t do your pocket or the tool any good to just lie there waiting for the odd occasion when you may use it. There are plenty of rental companies out there that can let you a powerful tool when you need it. Letting go of the excess clutter will make a massive difference.


2. Sort into piles

You essentially need 4 piles – keep, donate, sell, and dump. Getting rid of something doesn’t have to mean adding to the already overflowing landfills. There are plenty of charitable organizations out there that will be happy to take your quality, unused goods off of your hands. These organizations sell your clutter causing items to raise funds for their philanthropic endeavors. The other option is to sell valuables yourself. There are plenty of reliable channels through which you can sell your second-hand gadgets, and you’d be surprised how many people in your personal network may be interested. Either of these options has a double positive outcome. Firstly, you get rid of your clutter. Secondly, you either get to do some good or make some money.


3. Get rid of the junk

Dumping what you can’t sell or donate can be a massive burden. Dumps have all kinds of sorting requirements in place, and moving loads of junk can be time consuming and expensive. Thankfully there are many reliable people who provide this service for you. Unfortunately, illegal dumping is a major issue presented by sketchy characters who are trying to make a quick buck. Whoever you chose to use to take your trash away, just make sure that they are dumping responsibly.


4. Pack it back

Organize your stuff in a way that makes sense to you, so that you never have to wonder where things are. Not having to look for small items in a big space will save you oodles of time. Labels can be a major help in organizing your space, so use them wisely. Remember that practicality is key – pack the stuff you use least on the shelves that are hard to reach, and the things you use regularly on the more easily accessible shelves.

Fortunately for you, we provide all of these services and more! We come out, measure your space, customize our shelving to fit in your garage, sell or donate what you don’t want, take the trash to the dump, AND pack it all back for you.


Give us a call today – let us help you.

2 Comments on “How to Organize your Garage”

  1. I’m interested in the garage makeover. Do you sell your product in Cape Town together with an installation service?

    1. Hi Kevin,

      Unfortunately at this point in time we do not have a CPT branch. We can ship a Garage Makeover to you and you can have a general handy man install it. Of course you could do it yourself if you wanted too. Our shelves are designed to be really easy to put up.

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