Vertical Bike Hook


Like all our other hooks, the Vertical Bike Hook simply slides into our 1.2-meter rail, with other hooks.

The Vertical Bike Hook is the ‘traditional’ hook where the bike is hooked on the front wheel. You can comfortably fit two bikes on a 1.2m rail if both are hooked on the front wheel. Should you be pressed for space you can put 4 bikes on a 1.2m rail by alternating between front and back wheel. This option allows the handlebars to integrate and you can hang 4 bikes. A popular choice combined with the Vertical Bike Hook is our Short Single Hooks or Cup hooks, for bags and helmets.

You may also use this hook with the single hook rail if you would like to hang only one bike.

Weight Capacity: 20kg
Material: Powder-coated mild steel
Colour: Silver Grey

Shelf Space hook and rail is manufactured locally.