The top five clutter causing items in your garage

How often do you find yourself wondering whether you’ll ever be able to park your car in your garage again? Well, you are not alone. With all of our years of experience we have managed to identify the five biggest culprits for the clutter that’s holding you back.



Number 1: Bicycles


Image of old bicycle - The top five clutter causing items in your garage. Number 1 - Bicycles.

Despite being the most common tripping hazard in any garage, bicycles hold a special place in many a child and cycle enthusiast’s heart. Whether you have one bicycle or ten bicycles, we have the solution to your problems bicycle storage problems. Garage Guys offers various options for hanging your bicycles, all of which work with our hook and rail systems. The bicycles can be hung flat against the wall, tyres to the wall, or upright by the frame depending on what you need.



Number 2: Boxes (of any kind)


Image of old boxes - The top five clutter causing items in your garage. Number 2 - Boxes.

Crates, coolers, camping fridges, boxes – you may not think they’re a problem, but your shins are sure to disagree. Storing your rectangular clutter is as easy as the turning of a screw with our modular shelving units. When we arrive to install, we make the shelves to fit your boxes! Anything from a fridge to a box of screws will fit comfortably on our shelves, and with a load capacity of more than 100kg per shelf you can feel free to load your boxes to the brim before loading them onto your shelves.



Number 3: Books


If you’re one of those people who can’t let go of the books that got them through their studies, our shelves are for you. Although we do a separate range of study shelving, it is possible (and practical) to store your books out of the house and out of the way on our shelving units. We can adjust the shelves to suitable heights from your books or files, or you can place them in boxes. Keep your paper safe without warping any of your house’s cupboards.



Number 4: Camping gear


Image of old camping van - The top five clutter causing items in your garage. Number 4 - Camping Gear

Firstly, camping gear can be really heavy. Secondly, it can be really big and uncomfortable to store. Both of these factors contribute to camping gear often finding its way to the garage floor. Our strong shelving units can carry the load, while the storage space on the top shelf is perfect for long items like tents and gazebos. Another bonus is that once your gear is off the floor and organised, you can actually see what you have!



Number 5: Ladders


Image of old ladder - The top five clutter causing items in your garage. Number 5 - Ladders.

Ladders are awkward to store regardless of their length. Alas, we provide not one but TWO possible solutions to this staggering problem. Firstly, our hook and rail systems are great for hanging shorter ladders, or for hanging double volume ladders horizontally along the length of a garage wall. Secondly, your uncomfortably long ladders can simply be popped onto the top of a shelving unit where it’s easy to reach and impossible to fall over.


As human beings, we are forever gathering ‘stuff’. It’s inevitable that we will fall short of space at some point or another. At Garage Guys we aim to show you that you actually do have the space, it just isn’t being utilised properly. After all, your garage was actually made for cars – not clutter.

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